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UKLC provides online lymphatic healthcare advice, in-house clinic treatments, and exclusive training in these new therapies aiming to reduce the suffering caused by untreated lymphatic health conditions.

For the public, we are a provider of a new Lymphatic Health Centre that also offers online access to a virtual clinic. This unique lymphatic health care service and therapy are to assist clients wanting to improve their lymphatic function, from athletes' ability for recovery and longevity to our proven breast cancer aftercare to empower survivorship, with lymphoedema prevention and recovery. Our therapies are also available through our trained therapists to improve the health and movement of our vital immune system. 


For therapists, we are an experienced advanced training provider in ground-breaking therapies, giving knowledge and understanding of the lymphatic system to those who want to confidently expand their careers in a new dimension.



"The pain I was feeling was real and was affecting day to day life and I was feeling low in energy and mood. I had greater mobility in my shoulder joint, less pain and my balance had improved. I found all the exercises easier to do." Anne M - Shoreham

“My energy levels and mood had greatly improved. I feel this has made a huge difference to the way I feel overall.”  Mrs. P Brighton "So far I`ve noticed a reduction in swelling" Miss. C Crawley

What Lymphatic Integrated Massage therapists say……

  • One session and my client has asked for it regularly!
  • All my therapies can now be more effective
  • Learning these techniques to incorporate into my business is so beneficial to the health of my clients, it`s on another level
  • A client had been experiencing pain above her left breast for 30 years after one massage it completely disappeared - love helping my clients
  • Excellent training day, I felt very comfortable and at ease, just a lovely therapy to learn and it all makes sense - love it!
  • Wow, what amazing training - this is so different, yet understandably so and I never knew the lymphatic system would be so interesting

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UK Lymphology Clinics

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