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As I am sure you are well aware, there is now an increased risk of exposure to Covid-19. It is also the usual time of year for very possible exposure to seasonal flu and the dreaded norovirus. To give you some guidance on what to do with your case studies and clinic/salon area, we wanted to share with you the latest most up to date information currently available from reliable and reputable sources with regard to Coronavirus, and the advice given for the prevention and application to seasonal flu and norovirus.

This isn’t to alarm you further, it is to give you the tools to be safe. Seasonal flu can kill.  

1. Please read, follow and print off the following guidance

2. Read, print off and follow guidance for healthcare workers, which includes sensible advice that would also apply to all health & wellbeing, complementary and beauty therapists.

3. It is pretty obvious that hand-washing routines are incredibly important – not just to prevent YOU catching any viruses, but also so your more vulnerable case studies and clients and family members do not succumb. Please read and follow the GovUK information on hand-washing.

4. For general clinic cleanliness, please ensure that you keep your clinics/salons clean and thoroughly sanitise door handles handrails and toilet areas including taps after each client.  Use couch roll to cover the couch from pillow to bottom of couch and replace each time. Used couch rolls should ideally be burned or disposed – do NOT reuse for anything else!  Ensure couch covers, pillowcases etc are changed and washed frequently. In addition to washing these at 60 C, consider adding a disinfectant to the fabric conditioner drawer – Dettol does a good laundry disinfectant, and cheaper (and probably identical) versions can be found in large stores. 

5. Offer your client hand sanitiser once in the clinic room with you, so you both start with sanitised hands. Wash/sanitise your hands if you cough or sneeze, or your client coughs or sneezes. Wash/sanitise before touching your own face or your client’s face. Wash/sanitise after the client leaves. Remember that alcohol-based sanitisers DO NOT work on norovirus, and in fact can potentiate it, making it easier to catch! Use EcoHydra, which is proven to work on all viruses, including norovirus, flu and Covid-19. When the client leaves, wipe down the couch with disinfectant, including its legs, after each client.


Please update yourself with the latest information daily. We wish all our members and associates good health and stay safe. 

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