If you did your training overseas or in a specialized form of massage you may find that you are excluded from other courses, professional bodies and special license exemptions because you are not at the standard Level 3 UK courses. The option is to retrain with another school – or you can upgrade your existing qualification to be level 3 equivalency and simply ‘fill in the gaps’ between your existing course and national standards.

This course is designed to allow those who have non-standard or specialized massage qualifications to translate that training into a Level 3 equivalent massage qualification with full professional recognition.

Each student will need to submit the curriculum details for their original training and these will be assessed against the National Occupational Standards (NOS).

Massage schools can also elect to have their courses pre-assessed so that any students who join from that school will not need to individually complete this assessment.

Students will then complete the work required to bring their qualification in line with NOS and to qualify for full ThinkTree membership. How much work will be needed will be dependent on their original qualifications. Work will fall into the following modules:

  1. Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (delivered online, a ThinkTree accredited course)
  2. Level 3 Health, Safety and Hygiene (delivered online, a ThinkTree accredited course)
  3. Level 3 Business and Management for Health & Wellness Professionals (delivered online, a ThinkTree accredited course)
  4. Practical massage – attended course to bring skills to Level 3. The length of time this course will be will depend on the number of hours already studied, how many practical hours were involved in the initial training undertaken and massage experience since then. The minimum attendance will be 1 full day. If on assessment we believe that you need to complete full practical training you will be signposted to this (this would usually be if all of your training was online)
  5. Case Studies. All students will need to submit a minimum of 15 hours of case study work, full individual guidance will be given.

Costs: You can have your existing qualifications assessed first to see what else you would need to do and only decide whether to proceed when you know what the training will involve.

Initial assessment first option: Usually £95 – free until 31st January 2020

Bridging course with 1 day of practical training £700

Bridging course with 2 days of practical training £850

Bridging course with 3 days of practical training £1,000

Bridging course with 4 days of practical training £1,150

If you need in excess of 4 days training we will signpost you to our full Diploma course as this will be a more cost effective option.



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