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Synopsis: Minerals are a source of all physical life and maintaining a full spectrum

of pure minerals in the body is fundamental in controlling inflammation and

preserving strong and healthy immune system. The Biophotonic and vibration pure

elemental nature of Nano Minerals, is the fundamental key to controlling chronic

inflammation and elevating our immunity.

Zoue will explain how all of the cells in

our body require the interdependence, interaction and interrelationship of a full

spectrum of minerals.

This course is key to understanding how we can radically improve our clinical

practices. We cannot survive without essential and trace minerals and you will be

guided and taught why these minerals are crucial in the phases of inflammation for

protection, prevention and repair. The well-being of our patients will greatly

improve with thorough diagnostic tools. Dr Zoue will place a special emphasis on

enhancing our approaches to helping our patients’ path to resistance and recovery.

The course is aimed to increase our awareness when treating our patients and those

in attendance will come away with practical tools they can use in their practices

immediately, that will give good health outcomes.

This course assumes you already have a knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology

and are working in the health industry or studying towards a qualification. It is not

for absolute beginners, but is, instead aimed at complementary therapist such as

Naturopaths, Physiotherapists, Craniosacral Therapist, Health Care Professionals,

Massage Therapists, Healers, Beauty Therapists and Aestheticians, Yoga and Pilates

Instructors and health & well-being coaches wishing to extend their knowledge


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