Fusion remedial massage is a highly effective massage and is targeted to each individual client’s needs, giving you as the practitioner great results and the ability to build a solid client base.

Our Diploma course is designed to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to successfully work in the world of massage.

The course in total takes an average of 6 months to complete, some people do complete it quicker and others will take more time – the speed of your learning is in your hands. The course is delivered in a range of ways: at home online, a reading pack, attended intensive practical classes and reflective case studies while you practice on family and friends. Everyone needs to complete all elements of the course.

Part One: You need a good understanding of the body that you will be working on so the course starts with a separate online Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology course.

Part Two: You get the background to massage and learn about the variations around the world through the reading pack.

Part Three: You will join small class for an intensive, hands-on training program where, under the supervision of our experienced teachers, you learn your craft. This part of the program is usually 7 days but we are part delivering this through Zoom sessions at the moment to limit the contact time as demanded by Covid Secure guidelines – so we are currently working on 4 long days of contact, this will increase as the Covid risks decrease.

Part Four: Finally, you practice what you have learned through case study work.

Our courses are fully accredited and allow you to gain professional insurance and to join ThinkTree as a full member as your professional association on successful completion.

For more details and to inquire about enrollment please see:


T: 07973 890762

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