Prerequisites – successful completion of home study before attendance , level 3 or equivalent body massage qualification with anatomy and physiology

  • Home study – 5 days Attendance – 2 days (includes practical assessment )

Areas covered-

Anatomy and physiology , client care and health and safety refreshers

Cancer- what it is, types of cancer and how it spreads

Staging of cancer

Treatments for cancer and side effects

Emotional aspects of a cancer diagnosis

Benefits of massage for people living with cancer


Health and safety and hygiene considerations

Contraindications and special care


Adapting massage for people living with cancer –

  • Touch and pressure
  • Wounds ,scar tissue and adhesions
  • Medical devices (PICC lines, venflon etc )

Compassionate practice and therapist self care

The Walton Pressure Scale

Protocol for full body massage

Case studies

Assessment methods – written questions, observation, oral questions, assignment


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