The Northern School of Shiatsu is base in Sheffield and we have been running shiatsu courses for 21 years.

We run a three year part time course. Each year is made up of 11 weekends, one weekend a month with August free. The course aims to teach the practice and theory of shiatsu. It is a very practical based course but there is also the opportunity to learn about Chinese Medicine.

In year 1 we teach the classical meridian system, points, anatomy and the Five Element Correspondences.

In year 2 we teach the extended meridian system. This is supported by the theory of Zen shiatsu and also physiology.

In year 3 we run modules on how to set up your shiatsu practice, including practice management and ethics. We look at Food Energetics and also pathology. The year 3 students are also involved in running a shiatsu clinic where members of the public can come to experience shiatsu, under the guidance and support of experienced teachers.

The course also includes a range of self- development activities including Do-In, yoga and Makk-ho stretches. The emphasis is on learning in a supportive, nurturing environment. Group numbers are small, and are supported by a teacher and an assistant. This enables us to provide 1:1 support when required.


T: 07891591108

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