This is a workshop that will be run both online and on site.

This is a factual, informative and fun workshop that sets out to protect the lifespan of the therapist, whether in beauty or holistic therapy.

The main objectives of ‘Essential Self-Care for Therapists’ workshop are;

  • Stimulate and enable therapists, of all ages and stages, to develop and institute a conscious, ongoing practice of personal and professional self-care.
  • Advocate the need and value of normalising therapist self-care.
  • Foster communication among therapists on the subject of self-care to help them identify and confront the loneliness and isolation of working in the field.
  • Organise and share information, resources, and various perspectives on the process of therapist self- care, leading to clear recognition in understanding the need for continual therapist self-care.

In this half day workshop therapists will understand how to;

  1. Recognise symptoms which can result from a lack of self-care.
  2. Understand the importance of why they need to practice regular self-care.
  3. Understand what tools are available and how to use them to enable therapists to practice regular self-care, whether daily, weekly, monthly.

All therapists who attend the workshop will gain increased knowledge on self-care working through prepared handouts, interactive listening and participating in fun set activities. At the end of the workshop, each therapist will complete a short evaluation questionnaire and leave with their own copy of ‘Take a Moment’ journal in aid of the charity MIND.


T: 07957 113425

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