This training course has been developed to provide learners with the knowledge and practical techniques to perform a Hot Stone Therapy Massage treatment. Throughout the training the learner will learn the History of Hot Stones, the benefits of Stone Therapy, Thermotherapy & Cryotherapy, the different types of stones used and safety using stones. They will also gain knowledge in the contra-indications and conditions for Stone Therapy and preparing the client for treatment as well as aftercare advice for the client. By the end of the training the learner will have a sound knowledge of practical techniques of Stone Therapy Massage, equipment required and the preparation and care of equipment. A reference guide and information links will be given for the learner to refer to at any time. The training does not include an examination but a Q & A and evaluation of the training will be carried out at the end of the training to assess knowledge and understanding of the training provided. 


T: + 7731599799

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