If you have the ambition to plan and deliver your own professional training courses or workshops, this ThinkTree online learning programme offers the perfect introduction!

This on-demand course showcases a variety of professional planning principles you should be considering and provides you with a number of essential planning documents which will help you move your specialist course from concept to reality.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

Identify planning and financial concepts associated with professional training and apply these to your own course concept

  1. Consider a range of practical delivery strategies and select those most appropriate for the demands of your course
  2. Identify simple assessment techniques and shortlist the most valid and reliable for your own course objectives
  3. Explore the methods typically used to evaluate the quality of CPD / professional training and confirm which are most appropriate to your needs

No formal exams or time-controlled practical assessments are used on this course, you simply register and then engage independently with the syllabus / lessons in sequence at a time and place convenient to you. An informal quiz is embedded to help you identify areas of knowledge you may wish to revisit.

Although you may watch the video lessons and read information on your smartphone / tablet, to really make the most of this course you should have access to a desktop computer or laptop! The documents and templates you will download, save and use to plan your own courses are produced using Microsoft Word / Excel.

This online course should be completed within two-three hours, although potentially longer if you spend extensive time developing and typing your own course content into the planning templates we recommend and share.

If you do choose to plan your own course using the planning templates we share, these may be used to gain course approval / accreditation from ThinkTree, subject to appropriate quality checks and fees.

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