This is a two-day training course which includes day 3 as exam day, covering all of the fundamentals of ‘The Langellotti Tri-Therapy known as ‘LT Therapy’ for treating acute and chronic Back Pain caused by emotional & physical stress, using a unique mapping system developed by its founder Sophia Kupse. The Tri-Method system allows the learner to reset muscle memory and effectively reduce pain quickly, distinguishing the source of pain either due to physical or emotional trauma. The course includes all the necessary techniques required to successfully and safely carry out ‘LT Therapy’ at Level 1.
Founder & Course Director Sophia Kupse offers National & International therapists, a new opportunity in helping clients resolve neck, shoulder & back pain through a revolutionary new treatment that considers how negative thinking patterns including stress, anxiety, depression, as well as autism and mental health issues can lead to physical pain in the body.

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