The Shape Therapy Diploma is for those individuals who wish to take their learning to the next level and dramatically increase their own potential. Successful candidates will become Reflective Practitioners enabling them to tackle a wide range of mental health issues. The key to the Shape Therapy diploma is the 7 Key Principles of Empathy, Acceptance, Empowerment, Open & Honest, Genuine & Real and Compassion. These principles must be first applied to yourself to understand the difference between Ways of Being and Ways of Doing. They can then successfully be applied to others using the tools and techniques covered in the course.


To be awarded the Shape Therapy Diploma you must successfully complete the following list of modules which each comprise 4 hour classroom sessions:

Foundation Starter – Online:  Advised but not mandatory

Foundation Core

Foundation PLUS


Choose 2 modules from the following list:

Transition & Loss

Drugs & Alcohol

Food for Thought

Stress & Anxiety

Shape you Habits


The final two modules

Bringing it all Together -Part A

Bringing it all Together – Part B


Minimum of 10 hours placement with at least 2 clients. Minimum of 6 sessions before commencing essay.



T: 07803184854

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