Trigger Point Therapy is an effective treatment for chronic pain, it helps pain release using different techniques such as Neuromuscular Technique, Ischemic Compression.

Due to the busy life, everyone is overworking their bodies, which increase the chance of forming Myofascial Trigger Points, leading to consistent referred sensation of sharp pain.

When Trigger Point Therapy is applied effectively, you can help people who are suffering with serious conditions such as Headaches, Migraines, Neck stiffness, Frozen Shoulder, Back Pain, Low Back stiffness, Sciatica, and much more.


Anatomy of the muscle fibres

Deeper understanding of palpation

Shapes of taut bands

The fundamental of Trigger Point Therapy so you can use it to treat any condition

How to locate Trigger Points

How to treat Trigger Points without causing pain to your clients

The different types of Trigger Points, and how to to work on each type

Learn different methods to work on the muscle tissue Learn how to trace the referred pain to the source

Map of the common Trigger Points in the body and their pain reference area


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