DURATION: 1 day (8 hours)

PREREQUISITES: Body Massage Diploma, Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology (preferable)

This course is intended for anyone who has already undertaken a basic body massage course training or those who work in other areas eg trauma, womens health, sexual health:-

  • and would like to develop their knowledge of how negative emotions are stored in the yoni and how they can be released in order to offer a specialist service to their clients, helping not only with physical and mental health, but sexual and spiritual health also



  • To develop knowledge of the anatomy of the yoni and specific points of stimulation
  • To understand what yoni massage is and why a client would have one
  • To understand how yoni massage can assist with clients who have been through trauma, multiple gynaecological surgeries, or had negative experiences in their relationships which have contributed to unresolved tension which impacts on their sexuality
  • To familiarise yourself with the different types of blockage that can happen
  • To learn how to deal with sudden emotional release of stored traumatic tension
  • To recognise the different ways that a woman is able to feel pleasure in order to reconnect with her body and her sexuality
  • To learn how to perform a yoni massage


Theory assessment only – The overall pass mark must exceed 70%. If the mark is lower, a retake is available free of charge.


T: 07736104738

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