This is our page of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and testimonials of those who have had treatments from approved SATCC therapists and students of SATCC approved course providers.


How much does it cost to be a SATCC approved Training Provider/Organisation?

Yes, there is a charge of £250 to cover administration.

Where will the Training Provider/Organisation be listed?

Therapists, salons and spas will be able to find a list of SATCC approved training providers on the SATCC and ThinkTree Hub websites.

What is expected of an SATCC approved Training Provider/Organisation?

They will: • Promote the SATCC Standard and the good reputation of SATCC • Be listed on the SATCC register of approved training providers / organisations • Adhere to the rights and responsibilities outlined in this SATCC Charter and STACC Code of Conduct • Adhere to the SATCC Standard when approving training provider CPD courses • Comply to Health and Safety Legislation as detailed in the Standard • Be considerate to the rights and interests of other Standard users • In accordance with the SATCC Charter ensure learning materials include training for all customer facing staff to fully understand the treatments available to people living with cancer and beyond • Allow SATCC periodic access to documentation • Agree to be periodically audited by the SATCC • Training providers are responsible for ensuring their list of trained therapists is regularly updated, detailing when therapists move to a different spa/salon or if they set up on their own • Training providers will also check that spas/salons they have trained maintain a sufficient number of SATCC approved therapists

How do I become a SATCC approved Training Provider?

Apply to the SATCC, who will send you a copy the SATCC Standards Document and Charter. The SATCC will then review the training you offer to ensure it meets the criteria within the SATCC Standards Document. If needed advice can be given regarding any necessary changes/additions that maybe needed to meet the standard required in order to comply and gain approval.

Is there a cost to become an SATCC approved therapist/spa or salon?

Yes, there is a small charge of £20 per therapist to cover administration.

How do I know that a course is a SATCC approved training provider?

A list of SATCC approved training providers can be found on the SATCC and Think Tree Hub Websites.

How do I become / get my therapists trained to be SATCC approved therapist/s?

It is a prerequisite that therapists must hold a UK/Internationally recognised accredited qualification in the specific treatment performed, which must include anatomy and physiology and relevant insurance cover. Therapists should then complete and pass a SATCC recognised training course. SATCC approved training providers and courses can be found on the SATCC website and also ThinkTree Hub.

. Do I need to provide proof of my/therapists therapy qualification?

. Yes, in order to be accepted on any SATCC training course proof of eligibility will be required in original copy.

Will people with cancer still need a letter from their GP before they can receive treatments?

No. Under the current training and regulations, beauty therapists are not permitted to treat people living with cancer without that person providing a letter from their GP or a medical professional. However, therapists who have been trained by a SATCC approved training provider have been through specialist training, to ensure that they are confident and competent to be able to provide Touch Therapy treatments without the need for consent from a doctor.

Once the therapist/salon or spa has completed a SATCC approved training course, what do they need to do?

• Welcome and provide treatments to clients living with cancer and beyond, and be insured to do so • Provide treatments that meet and are in accordance with the SATCC practise Standard • Maintain all records in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU)(GPDR) • Take part in practitioner feedback surveys • Not behave in any way which adversely affects the good reputation of SATCC • Display the SATCC logo • Promote the work of SATCC to increase public awareness • They will be listed on the SATCC register of approved and trained therapists/salons or spas

If I or my therapists have already been trained by one of the SATCC approved training providers can we join the register, or do we need to complete the course again?

Any therapist who has successfully completed an SATCC approved course and can provide a copy of their certificate will automatically be SATCC accredited and eligible to register online. However, if their training was over 2 years ago or they are unable to locate their certificate, a one-day refresher training will be required.

What is the SATCC Standards Document?

The Standards Document features specific guidelines for training providers on the content that is required to be delivered during SATCC approved training courses and for therapists on how to prepare, plan and conduct Touch Therapy as well as information regarding complex contra-indications and how to handle these appropriately.

Why are you offering this service?

We understand that people living with cancer or with a history of cancer may wish to have massage, facials or other spa treatments but might find it difficult to access them, especially without the need for a letter from their GP. SATCC believes that by creating a directory of approved spas, salons and therapists and by elevating the standards of education for Cancer Touch Therapy we can improve the quality of life for spa guests with compromised health.

My toes and fingernails have gone a different colour, or black because of chemotherapy - can I have a massage?

Yes, you can have a massage. Some hand and foot treatments have been specifically developed to support the nail bed and surrounding tissue.

I have a colostomy bag, can I still have a massage?

Yes you can. Your therapist will assist you to the most comfortable position in which to receive your treatment.

I have been told that I have a peripheral neuropathy can I still have a massage?

Yes, massage can be very beneficial to those experiencing chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.

I have had a blood transfusion/infusion because of the side effects of my chemotherapy, can I have a massage?

Yes. There are several reasons why transfusions/infusions are given after chemotherapy. It might be due to low red blood cells (anaemia) or maybe because of low white blood cells and platelets, which can affect the immune system, or cause skin bruising. SATCC approved therapists are trained to utilise the highest standards of hygiene and sanitisation, to minimise any risk of infection. Touch Therapy massage also ensures a safe pressure to avoid the possibility of bruising.

I have lymphoedema in my arm/leg - can I have back massage?

The therapist will not be able to offer a firm massage to the affected limb and the nearby side of the body. However, Touch Therapy massage can be adapted to ensure that a safe pressure is delivered to the arm and the nearest part of the back throughout the treatment. Similar adaptations can be made for areas of the body, such as the legs, or the neck, if lymph nodes have been removed or radiated.

I have a Hickman line, PICC line, central line, implantable port, can I have a massage with these fitted?

Yes, care will be taken when working around medical devises.

I had to undergo surgery for cancer how long do I need to wait before I can have massage?

There are several things to consider after surgery for the removal of a tumour or lymph nodes. The body needs a little time to heal and recover. The therapist will check that the incision has healed well and there were no complications during or after surgery. Providing the wound is healing well, with no infection, your therapist can adapt the treatment to work around the area and perform light Touch Therapy. They may also modify or adapt your position to ensure your comfort.