This is our page of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and testimonials of those who have had treatments from approved SATCC therapists and students of SATCC approved course providers.


Does it matter if I have a massage on the day of my chemotherapy infusion?

Yes it does. Some integrative hospitals offer foot massage while you receive your chemo to help you relax which in turn enhances how the body metabolises the medications. Some oncologists prefer you to wait for 48 hours after your infusion to minimise the risk of infection.

Is it possible to have a massage if I have lymphoedema?

Yes it is; however, you must explain your specific circumstances to your therapist during your consultation so the necessary precautions and guidelines can be followed.

I am having radiotherapy is it OK for me to have massage?

In theory yes. However, the therapist will need to consider at what stage of treatment you are – by this we refer to the beginning of radiotherapy, middle, or end, when the skin might become more red, sore or where possible skin burns are still healing. It is preferable for a client not to receive a therapy treatment just before, or just after a radiotherapy treatment, as some skin products can affect the radiotherapy treatment process.

I am having proton beam therapy can I have massage?

Yes, the therapist will apply the same considerations as radiotherapy.