• Jaidee Professional Course (France).
  • ITM: International massage school (Thailand).
  • IDI: Intellectual development institute (Thailand).
  • Wat Po Medical Advanced (Thailand).
  • Jongrak school: Assistant of Thai traditional medicine (Thailand).
  • Universal Tao Healing system by Mantak Chia (Thailand).
  • IMAS: International massage academy of Switzerland.
  • EFCM: French-Canadian school of massage therapy (France).
  • 2016: Free Lance Massage Therapist in Normandy.
  • 2018: Founder of house therapist (Evreux).
  • 2019: Founder of school Thaï healing process.
  • 2021: Therapist in Medical center Corsica.


My name is Alexandre Poichotte and I am a massage therapist, teacher, founder and representative of Thaï Healing Process.

I started my massage journey in 2016 with in an intensive professional course in Paris, where I learned traditional Thai massage, chi nei tsang, Thai foot reflexology…I have trained with great Masters in Thailand, clinics and schools where met new Thai therapists  from all over the world.
This only comforted me in my desire to develop medical Thai massage in France by working on various orthopaedic, neuromuscular, energetic and visceral disorders for which I had my own experiences and suffered from in my past. I obtained the recognition and confidence of several health professionals (osteopaths, physiotherapists, surgeons, orthopedists and nurses, etc.);

Today I work full time as a practitioner at the Orsini Medical Center in Ajaccio (Corsica). Where I  am constantly evolving on my approach to relieve the body and help it to manage
various pains. I thank all my clients who know me and trust me to this day.

In December 2019, following a request from several clients, friends and practitioners I opened my training centre, specially dedicated to Thai massages, the “Thai Healing Process”.
My goal is to transmit an ancestral knowledge that of medical Thai massage and adapt it to our current lives and civilization through high quality professional training, or personalised care and adapted to your needs.

It is a true work of cooperation, of sharing that will be required so that, together, we can have the best results and always with respect, kindness, compassion and humility.

About Me

Passionate about Asia, yoga, meditation and holistic medicine, I dedicate my free time to personal enrichment, travel and rejuvenation in nature.

Humanist, passionate, enterprising I want to share the best of myself in my relationships in order to evolve together towards a better world for future generations.

With our thoughts we create the world. BUDDHA


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