* Nutritional Therapy (Birmingham Aston University – College of Living Nutrition Dip & FNTP Reg)

* Reflexology (SNS Dip, Foot Tapping Academy)

* Massage Therapy (Athena Dip., Manchester School Massage Cert. & Preston Therapy Centre)

* Korean Auricular Acupuncture (NADA 5 Point & Baik Education Cert.)

* Cosmetic Acupuncture (Baik Education Cert. & Kore Cert.)

* Business and Finance Studies (Salford Uni HND)

* Reiki Level 2 (Yorkshire Therapy Centre)

* BCST (Lyons Institute Dip.)


My name is Claire Parry and I am a Natural Health Practitioner working from my private practice, The Natural Therapy Centre, in East Lancashire.

I retrained as a therapist following a period of ill health in 2013.  After being over prescribed antibiotics, I developed an auto immune disorder called Candida Albicans of which the symptoms can include vertigo, infections, loss of cognitive skills to name a few.

After a traumatic year of not knowing what was wrong with me and my GP dismissing my symptoms as ‘all being in my head’, I turned to complementary health care and healed myself through Nutrition, Reflexology and Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  As this experience has such a profound effect on my life, I retrained firstly in Reflexology followed by Korean Acupuncture opening The Natural Therapy Centre in 2014.  Over the years I have continued my education both through classroom-based courses and online education to gain a deeper understanding of our physical, emotional, mental and energetic self.

Offering multiple modalities allows me to work holistically with my clients and offer a multi-layered approach to better health.

I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in November 2020 with my particular area of interest being immunity which starts with the gut and the microbiome.  By understanding this complex home of billions of microbes, health can be significantly  improved, and in many cases restored, by eating nutritious Organic wholefoods which the foundation for good health and health longevity.  Good Life Nutrition was set up at the beginning of the year, as a separate side of the business, where I work with clients with many conditions from Diabetes type 2 to hormonal imbalances, digestive issues such as Colitis, IBS, Acid Reflux to stress and anxiety, all as part of functional medicine.

Being a Natural Health Therapist is more than a job, it’s my life as it’s such a privilege to support clients as they go through their own healing journey.

I joined Think Tree around 3 years ago because of the way the organisation not only strives to improve standards within the industry but the support and guidance they offer to their members.  Like myself, many therapists are self-employed and while it can offer many freedoms it too can also be challenging at times.  As a Think Tree ambassador for the North West, I would like to support you through being the link between you and your accredited body.  Ways in which I can offer you support is through guidance, training and advice.

Email my at thentcentre@yahoo.co.uk




About Me

I am married with a daughter and have a rescue cat called Jess.  Over the last 12 months we have been converting a mini bus into a camper van to allow us to have plenty of road tips and weekends away.

Yoga and meditation are my other interests and walking, living in the Pennines near Pendle Hill, well known for the Pendle Witches, offers lots of good walking trials.  Walking, yoga and meditation keep me grounded.  I have been also experimenting with making fermented foods and thinking up new receipies for my new Health Programme ‘Nourish to Flourish’ which will be out in a few weeks.

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