BA Hon’s In Sports and Recreational Management

IOSH accredited

Qualified Personal Training, Sport Therapy and Massage 

Teaching experienced with Sport, Sport Coaching, Sport Science, Sport Therapy and Personal Training.

Further Education and Higher Education Modules with in Health & Fitness

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training  

Assessors & Verifiers qualified

Experienced in managing and teaching level 3 to level 5 teacher training qualifications.


From grass roots to world class performance, local authority and international training venues Kieran has vast experience in roles at all levels of Sport, Leisure and training and a passion for supporting others wishing to enter this career path.

Kieran is experienced and has a long history of success managing and creating curriculums in all areas of Sport, Sport Science, Sport Therapy and Injuries, Forensic Science and Public Services. This has involved Kieran being on secondment to a variety of institutions to offer support and advise on smart teaching systems and curriculum management to attaining KPIs with all necessary stakeholders. Successes have included outstanding rating from Ofsted, Outstanding teaching provision in subject specific curriculum management with a variety of awarding bodies.   

About Me

I am passionate about teaching and learning and exploring true fundaments to creating and providing positive learning experiences.

My mantra is to make positive change and valid impact to improving education provision that is accessible to all to achieve and succeed.

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