Present- BA (Honours) Health and Social Care, Childhood studies and child psychology The Open University

Present- 2018 Educator and Hilton Spa

2016-2018- Dermalogica Expert & Lipo, cavitation, RF at Holiday in Spirit health

2014-2016 – Salus clinic wellbeing as advance massage Practitioner

2012-2014-Anesthetic PMU & Microblading & Owner of the beauty salon

2009-2012-Holistic, Beauty Diploma and International Massage Diploma

2004-2009 NHS Bank Nurse, Mental Health, and Oncology

1999-2004- GCSEs, Business & Computer, A levels in Human Biology, Sociology and Psychology


I was born in Thailand and educated in the UK. I am an experienced Thai Massage Therapist and Teacher/Trainer who speaks Thai, English and Lao.  I have been very blessed to have inherited traditional Thai Massage from my grandfather from a young child.  Children are often taught the techniques so they can ease the aching muscles of their parents and grandparents.

My grandfather is one of the massage healers who used to treat people in my community. I wasn’t very old, but I remember people visiting our house, and I would go and see what they were doing. My community and place of birth is very special to me and my cause.

My passion is to make a difference to peoples life and to share my skills and knowledge.  I have 15 years experience in Thai Massage and have been helping various people throughout my life from different backgrounds, ages and genders. I have worked for many traditional Thai education centres in Thailand. I have a nursing background in the UK and worked in many wards and departments at Addenbrook’s hospital. My last 2 permanent position were working with people with eating disorder and teenage and cancer.  I have completed my beauty, holistic, international massage diploma and PMU Level 4 and recently gained a Covid-19 Certificates of understanding, Domestic Violence Training  , Mental and Emotional for Wellbeing and Business Basics Diploma, Risk Assessment and many more.  I am currently worked with one of the best top Hilton Hotel SPA’s in the UK.

As a trainer and a massage therapist.  I  work with my passion, assess  individual needs and give the best educational experience I possibly can.

About Me

What makes me unique is my interesting culture and history. I love to share my experience with people and reach out for people who have very little support in life. I love calmness, peacefulness, kind, and positive energy. Listening is a key of success.

Buddha said “nothing carried over from one to the next”

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