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It was a successful and intensive 48 hours supporting Kush and the team officially launching ThinkTree at the Olympia Beauty event in London last week. I met so many like minded, caring professionals and therapists over the weekend, it’s not possible to name check everyone but you know who you are, thank you for making me feel very welcome!

I was struck by the genuine diversity of membership that ThinkTree supports and as I sat on the train back to Yorkshire on Monday night, I reflected on the experience and planned how best to communicate and engage more personally with you all on a regular basis.

The ThinkTree website is the hub of the association and it obviously will contain increasingly substantive, tailored training content. The blog is an obvious platform for communication and I will write short, thought provoking, conversational articles about relevant training topics on a weekly basis and evaluate the impact and engagement they generate. My aim is simply to make you think about the opportunities and benefits training can provide from intellectual, emotional or commercial perspectives.

In addition, I know other members of the ThinkTree team are planning to write articles and share information, advice and guidance relating to their professional expertise. As we are a membership association, we would also welcome articles or opinion pieces from members linked to aspects of individual professional practice or wider industry needs.

Most importantly though, it would be fantastic to read your thoughts and opinions of all these articles and I look forward to responding to questions or comments raised by you, if you have a specific training topic you would like me to cover, please just get in touch, my email is at the foot of this page.

Social media messages are convenient, highly visual, easily curated and powerfully informative and ThinkTree will continue to use this form of communication to cascade key messages and informative linked content and opportunities. In addition, all ThinkTree members receive an informative newsletter via email once a month.

If you use social media regularly and have not yet followed or liked ThinkTree on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter make sure you do so very soon, never miss key content or a personally significant notification. Feel free to share all our social media posts with other professionals, colleagues and friends who you know may be interested.

My first ‘Think Training’ post will summarise a presentation I delivered on the Wellness Stage at Olympia Beauty. Titled ‘Demystifying CPD’, it defines CPD, contrasts it with formal accredited education and explains the benefits and opportunities it provides the busy modern professional.

I hope you find it informative.

Dave Brown
Managing Consultant – Education
Email: thinktreedave@gmail.com

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