About Us – ThinkTree Hub is an international professional association for complementary therapy healthcare, wellness and wellbeing. Established by experts from the world of education, medical profession, business, therapy including subject matter experts, governing bodies and councils. Headed up by Kush Kumar, we have all come together to support you in your journey to create success with expert help and advice. As well as our own ThinkTree team we also have Ambassadors, Subject Matter Experts, Course Providers and Collaborators 

Meet the ThinkTree Team

Kush Kumar, CEO and Founder

He has written and delivered qualifications for Universities, Awarding Organisations and worked with Ofsted participating in inspections. As well as holds a number of Board Member, Examiner and International Speaker roles with professional bodies across the globe. indicating reputation as a business expert and influencer for the health and wellbeing industry. Read more here

Rosemary Pharo, Editor and Webinar Host

Rosemary has been involved in the field of wellness since 1998, she has been a past secretary of the Reiki Council, sits on the PSB for aromatherapy, and has been involved in running membership organisations since 2003. Read more here

Maureen Abson

Maureen Abson, Managing Consultant Education

Maureen is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, served as a High School governor for 15 years and has a passion for high quality education. She is the author of the text “Healing Massage” published by Lotus Press. Read more here

Kimberly Ibarra, Customer Information and Guidance Support Administrator

In the first two years of her professional career, she worked as a field worker monitoring government funded projects. She also lectured on child labour for local government officials, partner agencies, communities, families of child labourers, and other stakeholders to help alleviate child labour in their area. Read more here

Maria Pamela Rea, Customer Information and Guidance Support Administrator

Maria Pamela Rea is a detail-oriented and motivated Customer Service Representative with extensive experience in administrative tasks. She excels in providing top-notch services with minimal supervision and is known for her proactive approach. Read more here

Meet the ThinkTree Ambassadors

Nihat Ayceman, Ambassador Turkey

Providing Consultancy, Training and Certification on Turkish Hamam, Wellness, SPA and Complementary and  Natural/Alternative Therapies.

Principle of profession, international partnership/cooperation, approved/recognised training and centres. Read more here

Professor Walter Willies, Ambassador South Africa

BA: Psychology.  BEd: Educational Management. DAL: Applied Linguistics.  D.Litt: Bibliotherapy. RPT: Poetry Therapy. DiHOM: Homeopathic Medicine. I am interested in the science of subjectivity although I recognise that the mystique of life requires profound respect. Read more here

Dr Ruth Hull , Ambassador Australia

Born and educated in Zimbabwe, Ruth holds a master’s degree in health and homoeoathy as well as qualifications in reflexology, massage and aromatherapy.  Ruth also has a degree in philosophy and literature. Ruth Hull is an integrative health consultant and author who has been working in natural health since 1999 as a therapist, lecturer and writer.  Read more here

Dr Mike Dahlstrom , Ambassador Costa del Sol

Doctor of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology practitioner, 2 different types of international Acupuncture licenses (one is Dry Needling). Lecturer, Founder of QINOpractic Medicine, and QINOsport Read more here

Marcin Dominiak , Ambassador Poland

Marcin Dominiak is a massage therapist, bioenergy healer, teacher, founder of Odnova Therapies and co-founder of Holistic Way Academy. Marcin started his massage journey in 2002 when he had a severe problem with his lower back (disk hernia). As a result, he had issues with walking. The risk of becoming wheel-chaired after the operation was 50%. That was the changing point in Marcin’s life. Together with his family, Marcin started looking for an alternative treatment. That is how he was introduced to massage, which enormously changed his attitude towards complementary therapies. After six months of treatments, Marcin was completely healthy. As a result, he decided to get some education in massage. Because he enjoyed the massage and was doing “more than the treatment itself”, he decided to go “further” – to explore the world of ”energies”. Read more here

Natalie Nugent , Ambassador Belfast

Owner & trainer at Complete Wellness Training Academy.Having over 10 years experience as a therapist, Natalie is theproud owner of a beautiful Wellness Centre and TrainingAcademy in Lisburn, N Ireland.Natalie has created a Training Academy to share her passion &knowledge of Complementary Therapies, offering a variety ofcourses ranging from fully accredited diplomas to CPD courses& workshops. Read more here

Jutheanne Cruz , Ambassador Philippines

Jutheanne is the founder of Hilot Hands, a holistic healing practice promoting Ancient Filipino Healing Traditions based in London. Jutheanne has dedicated her life to studying and practicing traditional Filipino healing methods, promoting the use of natural remedies, and helping her clients heal both physically and emotionally.Read more here

Angela Lewis , Ambassador UK South

I live in the market town of Alresford near Winchester and can be contacted on nikang@live.com for help or advice on most types of therapies.  If you live in the area and would like to set up a support group, please get in touch. Passionate about looking after our own health. Read more here

Meet the Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Beth Cook is a qualified teacher with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology, as well as being an Emotional Freedom Technique and Mindfulness Practitioner, trained in Understanding Mental Health, Life Coaching, Nutrition, Massage, Yoga and a Growth Mindset advocate.

Beth has been teaching for over 15 years and has written and published many courses and books in the field of health and wellness. Her passion has always been supporting people in being able to live their best lives by taking control over their own overall wellness and mental health. Read more here

Kate Parish is a qualified Primary School teacher, Mindfulness and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner as well as an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, trained in Understanding Mental Health, Understanding Autism, Challenging Behaviour, Life Coaching and a Growth Mindset advocate with over 20 years’ experience working within the education and training sector. 

Being a teacher has allowed Kate to recognise where she believes there are gaps in the development of children, and this has led her down the much rewarding path of mental health. She has always been really interested in why some children and adults achieve and why others don’t and all of her wonderings have been answered when she looks at mental health, self-esteem, growth mindset and mindfulness. Her passion for mental health has led her to teaching Life Coaching skills and understanding that if we can work on changing our thoughts then we really can change our lives. And yes, our thoughts and life outlook can be changed! Read more here

Leyla El Moudden (Nutrition )

Leyla El Moudden is a qualified herbalist and Naturopath. She is the now former President of ANP, which she built up to be the largest Naturopathic Association in the UK. She was also department head at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, overseeing  Short Courses and Natural and Vegan Chef education at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Read more here

Marc Innes (Oncology and Sports Related Massage)

With over 23 years experience as an NHS professional, I was called upon to look after many cancer patients and this enables me to offer advice and guidance, not only within my own current profession – massage, but also within the beauty and spa sectors of the wellbeing industry. Read more here

Ravi Nahar (Kriya Yoga)

Ravi is a sales and marketing executive by profession, working within the pharmaceutical industry. He has practiced Kriya Yoga for 25 years and founder of Ramayana Decoded with over 300K followers. Ravi promotes and teaches the authentic form of Kriya Yoga & scientific spiritual interpretations of ancient India’s wisdom (Veda).  Read more here

John Holman (Hydrotherm)

Numerous qualifications in massage, health and fitness. Lecturer in applied anatomy, designer of the Hydrotherm massage system and associated spa and clinical massage training courses. Read more here

Jane Lawson (Aromatherapist)

Jane has been a Clinical Aromatherapist for over 25 years and a teacher for over 17 years. She studied under Irene Latter, Principal of the then Scottish School of Aromatherapy in the early ‘90’s. Irene herself was taught by two of Marguerite Maury’s former students, so you could say she is a vintage Aromatherapist. Read more here

Dr Deepa Apte (Ayurveda)

Dr Deepa Apté MBBS (India), YLA, BYV, ITEC, MICHT is a fully qualified Indian medical doctor  (Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery, India), a qualified Yoga teacher (specialising in Hatha Yoga and the Sivananda tradition) and a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. As a former external Examiner for a Masters degree accredited by Middlesex University, she also an Executive Director of the APA’s (Ayurvedic Practitioners. Read more here

Dr Ruth Hull (Integrative Health Consultant)

Born and educated in Zimbabwe, Ruth holds a master’s degree in health and homoeopathy as well as qualifications in reflexology, massage and aromatherapy.  Ruth also has a degree in philosophy and literature.

Ruth Hull is an integrative health consultant and author who has been working in natural health since 1999 as a therapist, lecturer and writer.  Read more here

Clare Spink ND (Womb & Fertility Massage Director)

Creator & tutor of Womb & Fertility Massage; a modality that helps to support women either on their journey to conception, to ease menstrual conditions or to reconnect to their bodies and wisdom, whilst supporting the healing of their emotional and physical trauma. Read more here

Paula Esson (Red Flags)

My career has never been “me” focused, it has always looked outwards to create opportunity and useful activity for people to access therapy across the range of possibility. Uplifting, insightful and effective. 

The human body has the capacity to function in an empowered way if given the environment, skills and self-management to do so. Read more here

Gwyn Featonby (Acupuncture)

Gwyn is a qualified adult and children’s nurse with a first-class degree in complementary therapies. She holds qualifications in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Therapeutic Hypnotherapy Acupuncture and Emmett Technique. Gwyn has been a practicing complementary therapist for over 35 years, and is the education lead at NHS natural Health School, the first NHS approved complementary therapy school set up to generate an income to support the provision of Complementary therapies for NHS patients. Read more here

Jennifer HIll

Jennifer Barnes Hill (Beauty)

Jennifer is a University lecturer in Healthcare and Director of ‘JBH Training’ providing a wide range of holistic, spa and beauty training courses to UK and international students.  Over the past 15 years Jennifer has been a passionate advocate of education, therapies and integrating their evidence-based practice into mainstream health and social care environments. Read more here

Paula Pluck (Director Institute of Mindful Well-being Teacher Training )

Paula studied B.A. in Business to degree level and then went on to director level in H.R in business.  This combined with 27 years leading a region in a spiritual community and facilitating meditation, mindfulness and healing groups gave birth to her own business. Her devotional path married with her business acumen birthed SMARTfoundations, The Institute of Mindful Well-being where she is the Director of training.   Read more here

Tracey Kiernan (TMJ)

20 years experience as a Dental Nurse combined with 20 years as a therapist, led to the creation of the Original TMJ Therapy®. Tracey has contributed to industry publications and books on her specialist subject. A teacher for 15 years, Tracey created her own training school, Blend Therapy Training in 2015. Read more here

Lisa J Alsford (Beauty and Nail Technology Education Specialist)

I am a qualified tutor as well as holding my subject area qualifications in Beauty, Nail Technology and Holistic Therapies. I qualified in 2002 and over the years I’ve studied many different beauty and holistic treatments and nail technology to continue with my professional and personal development.  My training through a Dutch company excelled me to teach and train others in nail technology which is one of my great passions. I have been self-employed for 12 years and built my business from the ground up, learning and developing expertise in my subject areas. Read more here

Alice Danker (Aesthetics Specialist)

There are not many areas of nursing that I have left untouched. From general nursing, midwifery, and working in a special babies’ unit to running a residential home for the elderly, I have tried many specialities before finding my ideal job in aesthetics. I am originally from Malaysia, but studied nursing in King’s Lynn, East Anglia and midwifery at Whipps Cross London. Following this, I then worked  with Waltham Forest Social Services in care of the elderly, eventually setting up a residential home for the elderly in Harrogate, Yorkshire in 1987. I worked in that capacity for twelve years, but one morning I felt no joy left in me as my ‘work-life-balance was out of kilter. It was sobering. I thought, “I can’t do this anymore” Read more here

Feisal Umar (Hypnotherapist Specialist)

I am the Director of LCCH International, the college of hypnotherapy. I have worked in the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) field for over 20 years, contributing to the wellbeing of my clients and students as a practitioner and lecturer. Hypnotherapy is a growing profession, helping a range of people, both practitioners and clients, to transform their lives.  Read more here

Dionne Henry (Soul Midwife and Complementary Therapist)

Dionne is an End-of-Life Companion which is part of the Soul Midwives movement in holistic and spiritual palliative care for those people whose lives are coming to an end.  Dionne lovingly assists and accompanies a dying person on their journey, and can provide her services within a home, hospital or hospice. She was a psychiatric social worker for many years and completed her End-of-Life Companion training at the Soul Midwives School in 2018.   She then completed an accredited Tender Loving Care (TLC) End of Life Care training course developed by Felicity Warner, the founder of the Soul Midwife Movement. Read more here

Carly Budd (Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist) Carly Budd is a well renowned Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Educator, sharing her passion and expertise in early child development and the importance of movement and play from a neurodevelopment lens. Carly is the founder of the Developmental Play Academy, an online education platform for professionals seeking in-depth, evidence-based knowledge and practical skills to support child development in the early years, with lifelong outcomes. Read more here

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About ThinkTree Hub

  • To help promote and develop opportunities for success and personal growth through education and support worldwide.
  • To help establish and maintain high professional standards (UK and International).
  • To help providers establish a reputation for excellence through our Quality Assurance processes
  • To facilitate communication amongst those involved in professional service and practice.
  • To assist our members and institutes to be globally recognised and approved for practice.

What does ThinkTree Hub do?

  • Provide professional international recognition for complementary therapists, trainers  and wellness practitioners of all kinds
  • Provide a highly competitive all-inclusive tiered membership category 
  • Through our partners, offer professional cpd and accredited training courses approval 
  • Provide approved centre verification   
  • Provide resources and a support hub for communities
  • Provide preferential insurance rates (UK only at this stage)

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