Accreditation is essential for courses that lead to a professional standard and outcome, they must meet a set of criteria set out by ThinkTree and be compliant for the industry. To read our professional standards please click here 

Accreditation approval is for any complementary therapy, health, wellness and wellbeing modality that is fit for practice and meets the standards for the industry.

ThinkTree Hub offers an International accreditation service, which recognises bespoke training programmes based on their quality and standards of provision from all over the world.  The courses are fit for purpose and have met the ThinkTree criteria and standards. These courses are the responsibility of the course provider  and based on their expert knowledge, experience and skills, which partly meets the ThinkTree criteria. To ensure good practice and quality of provision. 

Choose any of ThinkTree Hub’s approved and certified individual education specialists for  cutting edge training. Our providers have signed up to the ThinkTree Hub policies which include

ThinkTree Hub will support, check and verify resources and training to meet agreed criteria. To ensure high quality and standards ThinkTree Hub  provides consultancy and support throughout.  Our accreditation service is for unique and bespoke training programmes and courses that, on successful completion, qualify learners to work in their relevant industries to a high standard.

if you are considering setting up a school, course for the first time or would like further developmental support for what you do , then get in touch!

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