Baby Massage Instructor Training Course

Our baby massage instructor training is a professional one day approved and recognised diploma course, offering a fully certified qualification for anyone wanting to become a professional Baby Massage Instructor.

Learn with us a multi-award winning school, with passionate and caring tutors

By the end of the course you will:

  • Know that baby massage is an ancient technique and how and why it has become popular in the West
  • Know that touch is important and understand why
  • Know that there are 6 behavioural states and will learn about each one
  • Know that a baby has cues and will learn how to recognise these
  • Know and understand contraindications to baby massage
  • Know that a baby has reflexes and will learn how to recognise these
  • Learn the difference between behavioural states, baby cues and baby reflexes
  • Learn that a baby can show how they are feeling through engagement and disengagement cues
  • Learn what engagement and disengagement cues are and how to recognise them
  • Know that there are many benefits to baby massage and will be able to discuss these
  • Learn how to market a business and will understand some marketing mistakes
  • Understand the basics of setting up a business
  • Learn what to include in a lesson plan in order to make it effective for learning
  • Learn what makes a good teacher and will have the opportunity to practice some of these skills
  • Learn baby massage techniques and then will use these in a sequence
  • Know what the benefits and cautions are for each area of the body when massaging and will be able to discuss these
  • Use the skills learnt to practice teaching a part of the baby massage sequence
  • Have opportunities to self and peer assess
  • Be given feedback on their progress and will be given areas to develop if required
  • A full and comprehensive manual is included in your course

For more information about this course, or to book, then please visit:



T: 07711994346

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