Our certificate in Acrygel Nails (Polymer Gel) will teach you everything you need to know about using acrygel (polymer gel) to create nail extensions and natural nail overlays. We teach you how to apply nail forms as well as all the knowledge you need to confidently work with this versatile nail system.
You will learn how to use the best professional skills to work safely and successfully in the nail industry.
We believe in promoting the safest working practices to create salon viable nails. This helps you build a successful business as a nail technician.

Our courses are taught to classes of no more than 4 students.  We offer dates to suit your schedule, and these are arranged once you have bought your course.  You will be sent a manual and a theory video call will be arranged with you prior to your in person training dates.  The in person training focuses on practical training where you will be assessed in various ways to ensure you have fully understood the subject to industry standards.

Our acrylic nails basic sculpting course is CPD approved by ThinkTreeHub, an educational organisation which promotes high standards within the wellness industry.  Our courses are insurable with Balens.

The certificate in Acrygel Nails (Polymer Gel) includes:

  • Product Chemistry
  • Safe working practices
  • Nail preparation
  • Natural nail overlay techniques
  • Nail form fitting
  • Acrygel nail extensions
  • Maintenance and removal
  • Finishing techniques
  • Price setting and business skills

We support you through every aspect of your training and once you qualify. We believe in mentoring and supporting all our students to ensure that you achieve and maintain the highest level of knowledge in Nail Technology.
This course consists of two in person training days taken at least 2 weeks apart. This time between learning sessions gives you time to complete homework and practice your techniques.
You will need to bring a model with you for the afternoon of each session.
You will have a series of case studies and homework to complete prior to completing the course. You
will be required to purchase a kit from us which contains everything you need to get started in your
chosen nail qualification. We teach using only professional products from our official suppliers.
The prerequisites for this course are our Nail Technology Theory Foundation course or an accredited manicure qualification.
You will need to complete additional modules should your previous qualifications need topping up to
meet our high standards.
Course cost £250.00
Kit cost from £125.00 (which is to be purchased from us)

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T: +447535485082

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