Welcome to the course. This is set up for you to work at your own pace, the exam structure can offer guidance for the practical examination.

The course is structured at level 3 qualifications and with the practical exam will determine your theoretical and practical skills ready for industry standard.

As students you may have been enrolled on other level 3 courses which can be APL for work covered in the Diploma Indian Head Massage, however this shall be determined by the tutor and there may be assignments that need to be carried out to bring up to standard regulations, laws and practical skills.

There is only a time limit on qualifications if they you have been out of practice and not kept up with CPD or the skill you are qualified in.

Course Format

The course will run to suit the student and has been modified to work as the following

  • A pre course online theory module with some short assessments criteria. this will be completed before the initial practical module.
  • A practical day of technique and underpinning knowledge
  • Final Assessment day
  • Case  Studies set

The whole course will take a minimum of one month, however the completion is based on the students ability.

Understanding the therapy

The Indian head massage is one of the most popular therapies about to date; it had been hailed the therapy of the twentieth century!

It is an Ayurvedic form of mental health healing, which relaxes and harmonises the body’s natural balance in turn promoting the physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

By reducing muscular and nervous tension it improves circulation thus can aid to detoxifying the body, leaving a feeling of tranquillity peace and calm.

It is carried out in a seated position with accompanying music in the background for the client to relax to. The treatment is normally carried out over clothing and covers the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face.

Course Content 

  • An authentic approach to Indian Head Massage looking at the spiritual and healing aspects of the therapy.
  • A look at key features which lend themselves specifically to Indian Head Massage g. chakra balancing and consultation guide
  • A comprehensive look at the authentic techniques covering the back, neck, shoulders, head, face and ears.
  • An additional oil scalp massage.
  • A flexible course which contains both online and taught self–directed learning aspects to enable students to complete the Diploma at their own pace and at their convenience.

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We hope you enjoy your course, Namaste 


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