The purpose of this course is to explore the pain and dysfunction created by myofascial trigger points – further to discover and master techniques to address these issues.

During this course, we will go on a journey, which will lead to an understanding of the genesis of trigger points, their impact on the muscle activity and joint function and how to effectively deactivate the trigger point to restore balance to a homeostatic state.

Our understanding will lead to a different approach towards trigger point theory than is traditionally taught.

The standard exploration into trigger point theory begins with the trigger point, followed by the referral zone for pain. This can cause difficulty for the therapist, as all too often the client presentation begins with the referral zone.

Unless the therapist knows the trigger-points related to the referral zone, they inevitably begin by working backwards so to speak to determine the culprit of the pain. This can be time consuming and importantly prolong the duration of the pain and restriction……valuable time that could have been bypassed had the therapist known the associated triggers points to the joint.

Therefore, there is a slight twist in the presentation of the course…. we will be working from the joint backwards so to speak. Working from individual specific joint pain or restriction to the muscles commonly associated with referred trigger point pain to that area. From the referral zone to the trigger point, not from the trigger point to the referral zone.

Certainly, another a ‘tool’ in the therapist arsenal, but with a sharpened approach to drive effectiveness.


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