Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Online Course for Children

This online course, in association with The Mind Gig has been created to help children manage their thoughts and emotions. It will teach your child everything they need, to be resilient in the face of life’s challenges, with a focus on building self-confidence, control, and reassurance in order to live a happy and successful life.

The Don’t Worry, Be Happy Online Course is Fun, Engaging and the Lessons Learned Could Change your Child’s Life Forever!

The course is proactive in that it will teach children strategies they can take with them throughout their lives, to better cope, with whatever challenges they may face. Each lesson has a theme, so for example “My Feelings” and here the child will find a video where they can learn to understand why they feel the way they do, with strategies given to help them overcome whatever their challenge is. Every lesson includes a task that the child can easily do, and this will help them to really take note of what it is they’ve learnt and have something to use in case they face a similar problem in the future.

If we can work on children really knowing who they are, really being happy with who they are, knowing how to handle their emotions, how to have a growth mindset, how to be mindful, knowing that there is only one of them and that they are brilliant – then we will be setting them up for success throughout their lives. Imagine a world where all people are happy to be themselves and happy to see others grow! We imagine it every day!

Learn on the latest easy-to-use online platform with 24-hour access, fantastic videos and safe in the knowledge you are receiving quality and care.


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