Practitioner Training Course Description

This is a dynamic, spiritually rich and life-changing Practitioner Training of the highest UK standard in authentic Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage that seamlessly synthesizes ancient principles with modern practice

The aim of the Course is to teach students to give a complete therapy session to the highest possible standard and is offered in three learning options: Progressive, Fast Track and Immersion.

The Training experience recreates the gracious life-affirming atmosphere of loving kindness reminiscent of old Hawaii and its wise culture of Aloha where this exquisite massage was first developed. Classes celebrate the joy of learning in a relaxed yet stimulating and supportive environment that naturally allows students to fully engage with their own personal inspirational journey of discovery.

Students work in pairs, giving and receiving Hawaiian Lomi lomi Massage to experience its wonderful essence, beauty and benefits in all capacities as giver, receiver and observer while learning to blend fulsome and flowing unique massage strokes, focused energy techniques and Huna wisdom with an ever-deepening understanding of the gentle all-embracing healing power of Aloha. Each student works comfortably within their own ability and pace while ultimately completing the full syllabus.

Practitioner Training Course Dates 2020:


Feb 15, Feb 22, Mar 19, July 23, Aug 15, Sept 24, Nov 07 INTENSIVE Three Modules of 4 days with one day off between each.

Spring: Summer: Autumn:
Feb 22*-Mar 01 or 06 Aug 15*-23 or 28 Nov 07*-15 or 20
FAST TRACK One Module of 4 days each – every month over 3 months.

Spring: Summer: Autumn:
Mar 19*-22, Apr 16-19, May 14 -17 July 23*-26, Aug 20-23, Sept 17-20 Sept 24*-27, Oct 22-25, Nov 26- 29

PROGRESSIVE One Lesson of 2 days every month over 6 months. Spring: Feb 15*-16, Mar 14-15, Apr 18- 19,
May 09-10, June 13-14, July 11-12

Rosalie Samet

Hawaiian Massage UK Training Center 



T: 01273 730508 / 07974 083432

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