Raynor Massage is a therapeutic technique developed by Brandon Raynor, an Australian trained Naturopath. Some of the techniques used in Raynor Massage originated from Eastern practices of massage, such as Shiatsu, Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage, Lomi Lomi, and Yoga breathing techniques.


As well as teaching wonderful deep tissue therapeutic techniques we also teach students the ‘business’ of massage, giving all the tools necessary in order for the students to start massaging straight away.


We don’t believe that massage is best taught, studying books and charts in a classroom environment. Instead, the main focus of the 10 practical days is this three step approach where the students.


  1. Watch Massage (Teacher Demonstration)
  2. Give massage (paired with another student on the course)
  3. Receive massage



One thing that makes Raynor Massage different from many Western training courses is that the massage is not taught as a routine. Instead we teach students how to instinctively find where clients are holding tension in their bodies and then work to release it from its source. This means that, in theory every massage could be different depending on where the individual client is holding their tension.


We also understand that tension can be held in the body for both physical and emotional reasons and that when the therapist accesses deeply held tension then the client may also release the associated emotions. This really allows healing to occur on different levels.

Please visit the website for the latest course dates – Dave Taylor – Massage Training


T: 02082869763

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