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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Training | Online Course

Enjoy learning the core ideas, methods and principles of the exciting science that is Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This life-transforming training will take your NLP to certified Practitioner level as we guide you through the essential NLP principles and practices. If you are a person interested in helping others, and yourself, then this course is for you!

This course is perfect for beginners in the field of NLP, existing NLP practitioners who want to revise their knowledge, students who want an NLP Practitioner qualification but cannot get to an attendance-based course and anyone who is passionate about achieving positive change.

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“If you always do, what you always did, you will always get, what you always got, so try something different!!”

With this course you will have the tools to be able to achieve a different outcome.

This course will enable you to have a full understanding of what NLP is and how we can use it in our everyday lives to become more effective communicators and to achieve our goals successfully.

You will also be able to help others to do this!

By the end of this NLP Practitioner Training course, students will:

  • Know that NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Know that there are many techniques, strategies and models that we can use in NLP for self or client improvement
    • Know that NLP has a long history and has been researched for many years
    • Know the NLP presuppositions and how these form the basic beliefs and attitudes that effective practitioners live by
    • Know that we all live in the present state but we can move into the desired state if we want to
    • Know that everyone has a different perception of reality
    • Know that in NLP the senses through which we experience the world are called representational systems
    • Know that NLP teaches us that people make movements with their eyes and these are called ‘Eye Assessing Cues’
    • Know that we can use Eye Assessing Cues to communicate and build rapport
    • Know that in NLP we discuss 4 levels of communication and this helps to ensure that our communications are grounded in fact
    • Know that we can use positive and enriched language to influence ourselves and others
    • Know how we can use positive and enriched language to influence ourselves and others
    • Know that we can use body language to influence ourselves and others
    • Know how we can use body language to influence ourselves and others
    • Know that NLP uses a ‘clean’ style of questioning that is present, open and naïve
    • Know the blocks to active listening and how we can overcome these
    • Know that by building rapport we can communicate more effectively and we are more likely to achieve our outcomes
    • Know that there are many ways we can build rapport
    • Know that well-formed outcomes are goals that one wishes to achieve that have been taken through a process of envisaging certain conditions, so that the outcome will be more successful
    • Know that Anchoring is a technique that we can use in NLP to understand and manage our thought processes and therefore our outcomes.
    • And much more!

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to explore your own values, beliefs, strengths, thought processes and patterns. You will be challenged to look at your own perceptions and think about why you have them, and how you can communicate more effectively when you understand that everyone’s perceptions differ – we all live in a different version of reality. Does reality actually exist?

We wanted to help as many people as we can, as the last few years has been so stressful for all. We are making this affordable, by offering a large discount off the course price! 


Course was £165 – but now only £66

• To take advantage of this discount now, pay a deposit of only £26 to book the course.
• Your remaining balance of £40 is paid direct to the course tutor, who will be in touch once you have booked.

This is an insurable course allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for it.

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  • Anatomy and Physiology e-manual
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  • Discounts off therapist insurance and products

Course Bookings

  • Book your place now to secure the date you require, we have regular dates both weekends and weekdays at over 20 locations across the UK, Scotland and Ireland
  • Our online accredited courses are still running and available to book now – with full tutor support and expert guidance when needed.
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It is vital we maintain high standards in our industry, when you book with us you receive the best training, with tutors who are the leading experts.

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  • The products you work with on the day and your manuals are all included in the price of the course

Our Promise – Need to Repeat Your Training?

For one day courses held at our venues, YOU CAN do this at no charge!

  • Worried that one day’s training may not be enough? We have you covered
  • Due to the 1-1 attention in small classes with our excellent trainers
  • We have back up DVD’s or you can repeat the course within 6 months (at a time which is convenient to both parties) at no charge.

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