Here is an invitation to our International courses in QINOpractic Medicine (QM), Module 1 course. We ’ve offered and had this course in Spain, Germany, England, USA and Sweden.

Experience what happens when the philosophy and art of chiropractic meet traditional Chinese Medicine and Kinesiology.

QINOpractic Medicine (QM) is a hands-on method of treatment developed by Dr. Mike Dahlstrom where knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy from Chinese Medicine and Chiropractic join together with techniques from Kinesiology, Osteopathy and a variety of soft tissue techniques, incl. Sports massage and NMT into a holistic system of healing. 

We offer a treatment form that enhances personal performance at an entirely different level.
It suits therapists that specialize in Sports, Performance, Pain and personal development.

Our course in QINOpractic Medicine will deepen your clinical skills with the introduction and understanding of the human complexity and the healing process. 

Learn about how to use the healing processes and the wonderful world of the subconscious mind and the connection to approach the person as an integrated whole.

QM is a framework for understanding how and why people experience pain and what we as therapists can do to help. This brings greater mastery to your approach as a therapist, regardless of your technique/philosophy of choice.

Providing unique and intriguing courses that offer you with a set of tools that will transform your client’s outcomes.

Our courses are designed to teach practitioners how to assemble the puzzle, to understand the whole picture, the causes of pain, why pain occurs and reoccurs and how to establish a protocol for long term relief and healing. You will have the opportunity to assemble the components into a comprehensive whole. But we also place considerable emphasis on the therapist as well as those being treated, i.e. personal growth and development. 

“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
Thomas Edison

Through excellence, we create once-in-a-lifetime courses, every time.

QINOpractic Medicine consists of 4 Modules to be accredited as a diplomate. After these, there is 1 more Module in the ”Physical / Structural” part of QINOpractic Medicine. 

After Module 4, you can work as a Diplomate if you want, however, we also offer a third Module (Rehab) in the ”Physical / Structural” part of QM.
In addition to this, We also offer “a mental/ psychological part,” Modules 5 to 8, should you wish to continue with QINOpractic Medicine to achieve the status of Master Practitioner. or if you want to know more about treating the actual root-cause, then these will suit you.

Module 1 focuses on providing a thorough understanding of function and physiology of the body. Understanding both the neuro-muscular and pathophysiological roles is vital for the practitioner in order to understand and predict how the body will react to particular stress and trauma. This understanding will prevent mis-assessment and ensure treatment is accurate, leading to desired outcomes and effective results. An incorrect assessment and/or lack of understanding of functional mechanisms can lead to an incorrect treatment or failing to get the required result.

This first module will give you a number of valuable understandings and techniques, which can be used on a daily basis when treating your patients. These include; 

• Physiology of pain and how daily stress affects pain and overall function/ performance
• Nature of chronic and recurring pain, and an understanding of underlying factors
• Educational tools to assist you and your patients in preventing pain
• An understanding of why it’s more important to focus on function, rather than structure
• A radical new way of looking at your client’s problem. Why rather than What.
• Identifying the underlying factors and causes to why pain occurs.

This course will deepen your clinical skills with the introduction and understanding of the amazing complexity of humans and the healing process. 

Learn about how to use the healing processes and the wonderful world of the subconscious mind and the connection to approach the person as an integrated whole.

This module will leave you well equipped to treat your clients from day one after the course to free them from a vicious cycle of chronic pain. 

Module 1 and 2 focuses on developing your understanding and giving a new way of thinking plus a new array of wonderful techniques. Module 3 and 4 focuses more on treatment and hence, becomes more advanced…

We “tie the bag together” (Swedish saying) and give you a holistic approach that is unique. This is where you finally receive your diploma as a QINOpractic Medicine practitioner.

Before we get onto what Will need to be read up on, let ́s discuss some practical information
Course: QINOpractic Medicine, Module 1
Venue: To be announced
Course, date:  same as above
Nr of students: Not more then 10
Dress code: Optional but there are many practical moments
Language: English
Course fee: depends on the venue, the courses in Spain are almost half price those in the UK. See sebsite for more info,

The course fee includes: course material, refreshments, tests, De Janette blocks and snacks served during the day and the cost for the venue, all taxes are also included.
Lunch and accommodation is NOT included.

Note that the courses in Spain are a lot cheaper, enough to buy you a roundtrip airfare from the UK and transportation to and from the airport in Spain, so it wouldn’t be more expensive then attending it in England.

Your place on the course can only be guaranteed if the registration fee is paid (€100).
The registration fee is to be paid via our website by credit card. The course fee can also be paid in cash at the course. The course has to be paid in full before the start of the course.
The registration fee is a part of the course fee, not in addition.

NOTE 2: We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the course.

– UK, Ireland and Scotland: Level 3 Certificate in any Therapy where Anatomy and
  Physiology is a part of the curriculum.
– The rest of Europe: Minimum a level of education in the Complementary Medicine field that
   entitles you to a certification to practice in your Country and have an adequate insurance.

Module 1 Course Content:

QINOpractic Philosophy, Muscle Testing and Diagnostics, Applied, Physiological and Neurological Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology, Neurophysiology, Analysis of Pain, Body Reading, Biomechanics, Physiology, Functional Neurology,  Integrated Rehabilitation, Stress and Stress Reactions in the Body

Applied Kinesiology treatment techniques (for example TMJ and Pelvic Dysfunction treatment). Chiropractic soft tissue application

Preliminary schedule, QINOpractic, Module 1: See website.


This unique four day seminar combines classroom lecture, hands-on practice and workshops with Q and A sessions. –

If you have any questions, please email me at or call +44 20 3287 8132 (UK) or +46 707 996636 (Sweden, also whatsapp)
Read more about QINOpractic at

See you at the start of the course!


Dr Mike Dahlstrom
DC, Master of QINOpractic Medicine, Founder of QINOpractic Medicine, the Swedish and European College of QINOpractic Medicine. Founder of Emotional QINOpractic and Equinopati.
Author of Ditt Framtida Jag (in Swedish) and the upcoming book: The Future You.
Phone and Whatsapp: +46 707-99 66 36 
Skype: micke.dahlstrom

Please note that IF the course is cancelled your registration fee will be returned to its rightful owners. 


T: +46707996636 (also WhatsApp)

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