From an early age I started practicing meditation, not because I had been instructed, but because an inner voice said that meditation was the way to understand our purpose in life.

Throuhgout my 25 years of practcing Kriya Yoga, many spiritual and material challenges broke me and rebuilt me. Kriya Yoga at every stage helped to conquer life’s challenges professionally and spiritually. This is the beauty of the ancient science of self-realisation, no matter what the situation one can conquer through the power of the mind and achieve greatness in spiritual, professional and family lives.

Ramayana Decoded Kriya Level 1 course focuses on concentration (Dharana) meditation which is by far the most important skill required to succeed in your spiritual and material goals. Without a concentrated mind you cannot complete important tasks, without a focused mind you cannot reap the spiritual benefits of the advanced Kriya  techniques, such as, Aum Meditation, Jyoti Mudra, Maha Mudra, Navi Kriya, Talabya Kriya, Khechari Mudra or Kriya Pranayamas taught in higher Kriya Level courses.

Meditation is commonly confused with concentration. Patanjali, the modern day exponent of yoga science, systemized yoga into eight steps in which concentration (Dharana) is the 6th step and meditation (Dhyana) is the 7th step. Meditation begins where concentration stops, and eventually leads the mind into the 8th and final step of Samadhi or Nirvana.

By developing your concentration the mind can focus on both the material and spiritual goals. This is the essence and purpose of Kriya Yoga, which is a scientific method that brings equilibrium in Spiritual and Material actions.

  1. Spiritually Kriya reverses the flow of life energy (Prana) from the surface of the body and mind scientifically and
  2. Materially Kriya Yoga stills the mind and emotions which is essential progress professionally and in business, helping you create dharmic-karma and the acheievement of Lakshmi

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