The Spurgeon Method™ is a massage and bodywork protocol beneficial for the upper torso, including the breast, to relieve pain, reduce edema and increase range-of-motion.

Do you know that the only way to move lymphatic fluid through your breasts to keep the tissue healthy is by manual manipulation?

In many parts of the world, Breast Massage is included in a regular routine to maintain healthy breast tissue. In the US and also the UK, current statistics show that 1 in 8 women under the age of 60, and 1 in 4 over 60, are being diagnosed with breast cancer.  More and more women are discovering the importance of breast massage to promote and maintain healthy breast tissue.  It is now accepted as a form of preventive or remedial treatment for many common breast issues.

The class we teach helps participants to become comfortable with the idea of Breast Massage. It explains its benefits, and helps you understand how vitally important it is for everyone.

After taking the class, participants will be able to identify the following:

The composition of breast tissue and its boundaries
The changes of the tissue in pre and post menopausal stages
The changes of the tissue during the lactation process
The lymphatic ducts and the drainage pathways important to breast tissue
Signs and symptoms of issues that can arise in the breasts
The musculoskeletal referral patterns of breast pain
Indications and contraindications for breast massage

The class will also cover the legal issue of breast massage.

The second part of our class focuses on types of massage for post-surgical issues and explains about complications that may occur following breast cancer treatments.

On completion of this class you will feel comfortable in performing breast massage on your self and on your clients, and confident in addressing various breast concerns people may have.

Currently offered in Las Vegas, Nevada, this class will soon be available again in the UK.


T: 702-429-6016

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