If you currently deliver (or are about to start delivering) your own professional training courses, sessions or workshops, this ThinkTree Level 3 online learning programme offers the perfect route to your first professional training qualification!

We believe this is the most comprehensive, personally tailored, cost effective and initial training qualification you can study in the UK at the present time!

In fact… we are so confident that what you learn on this course will transform your practice, we’ll give you your money back, if at the end of the course we have not helped you develop a personal action plan that significantly improves your performance as a professional trainer!

Who Is This Course For?

Novice / unqualified trainers or those about to begin delivery of a professional training programme within the complementary therapy, health and wellbeing industries.

How Is The Course Designed and Structured?

This innovative,  online course, blends on-demand training modules with live face to face teaching, learning and assessment. It showcases the most important and high impact professional training principles you should be embedding into your own training routines and provides you with the opportunity to evaluate your current performance and create a personal action plan of targeted improvements, whilst all the time being coached by your own highly qualified and experienced education professionals.

Although you may watch the online video lessons and read documents and information on your smartphone / tablet, to really make the most of this course you should have access to a desktop computer, laptop and printer! The documents and templates you will download, save, fill in and send to your coach are produced using Microsoft Word.

To participate in the live video conference style online coaching sessions, you will need to use a webcam / microphone enabled electronic device. You will also need to communicate through an active email address. This online course should be completed within twelve hours, (6 per week) although potentially longer if you spend extensive time reflecting, typing and working on your own professional training action plans.

What Will I Learn On The Course?

The course is made up of four online study modules, the learning outcomes (LO’s) and individual lesson assessment criteria (AC’s) you must successfully complete.

How Will I Be Assessed?

There are four assessment points on the programme, one at the end of each module:

• Assessment 1 and 3 are automated online multiple-choice tests (80% pass rate required)

• Assessment 2 and 4 are embedded within two professional discussions that you will attend online with your personal learning coach. As well as guiding, advising and supporting your development, each coach will check that you have written a meaningful personal action plan of targeted improvements, (you must email this before each meeting).

Do I Receive A Certificate?

Yes! This is a ThinkTree accredited qualification, just complete all the assessments successfully and you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement which you can download, save and print. Make sure to write and spell your full name correctly when registering onto the online course, as your name will be copied exactly onto your new certificate.

How Much Does The Course Cost:

£289 per person

Discounts are available for ThinkTree Members (log-in to the ThinkTree website to find the cut price coupon codes). Members and nominated professionals working for any of our accredited training partners and other stakeholder organisations may also be eligible to access this course at a reduced rate.

When Do The Courses Run?

A  starts whenever you are ready!  You study independently (on-demand) at time and frequency of your choosing.

After successfully completing modules 1 and 2, you must attend your first online coaching meeting by putting in a request via email and this will then be scheduled.

Then the final two online modules are released  and you have another week or two to successfully complete them both before attending your second (and final) online coaching meeting.

Once you have successfully completed this final coaching meeting, your Certificate will be released for you to download, save and print.

We realise that on occasion, there may be some personal or work-related pressures that impact on your ability to complete the necessary study in advance of the planned weekly coaching meetings. In these exceptional circumstances and by mutual agreement, a ‘repeat’ coaching meeting can be arranged.

I’m Very Interested, Can I Talk To Someone To Find Out More?

Contact us by clicking  the email link below and we will get back to you!



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