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As therapists we have unique opportunity to be with clients over a period of time and create a relationship that works towards improving health and outlook.

If the family doctor still existed it would be similar approach. Over time we are in position to witness changes in wellbeing in our clients and be aware. In discussion with many NHS medics and nurses a void in training emerged in their conversations around therapists being in the perfect position to communicate and “wave the flag”.

For example. A client that lives alone may not know a mole on their back is changing over time, but a therapist would know this if they see them regularly.

This also applies to many other scenarios from weight loss, headaches, types of back pain, infection, diabetes, cancer, neural, sleep behavioural and many more. Red and Yellow Flag training has been carefully designed to reach therapists in the same manner as First Aid. Only in your working lifetime you are much more likely to be in a position to help and take action with a host of health presentations and provide reasonable reassurance, a letter to the GP, observe and communicate changes, in some cases save lives, halt progression or reduce medical intervention by shouting from the “Crows nest – Iceberg! “.

Our time working with the NHS in the North East of England worked to bring the largest provider of health services closer to the therapy world over ten years in this way. It worked.

Join us on this invaluable two days training.


Dr.David Laird MB BCh FCARCSI, FRCA, FFPMRCA, is the full time Consultant in the chronic pain management service at Co Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. He has clinical and educational expertise in pain medicine and palliative care and also represents the collaboration between the medical service and the complementary service with a common sense approach. He was appointed as Consultant in 1990, developing the in-hospital palliative care service and the hospital & community multidisciplinary chronic pain service as well as being the hospital Clinical tutor for 9+ years delivering MDT training in communication skills & motivational interviewing and helping to integrate medical and non-medical training. He developed the RCPLondon Physicians as Educators course 20y ago and continues to teach Nationally on this as well as teaching patients, therapists, undergraduates and postgraduates on aspects of pain and lifestyle changes. Recent publication includes British Journal of Pain 2016

Paula Esson (Course Organiser). (BSc). Sport Science has worked for 20 years in Sports injuries and latterly in the development of support for health services through collaboration between complementary therapies and NHS. She has also worked alongside David in the pain service based at the Northern Integrative Health Practice, Durham and led the College of Bowen Studies from 2015-2018.

Watch our discussion here on our YouTube channel

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Contact Paula Esson on 07780 900 283 / if you need any help.

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