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So, I have been a great advocate of understanding communication and for some time have had surprising responses when I tell people that only 7% of all communication methods is verbal! Yes, I know that is low!!

With this in mind I started to consider my own communication skills? Is it verbal, is it through touch? Or could it be just presence? A strange one I know surely, we have all been in situations where meeting someone for the first time either draws them to us (or vice versa) or we defiantly stand back with reservations??

Now in most cases we have the choice to walk away or pursue a relationship in our personal life. However how do we cope as a professional???? I cannot imagine as a therapist or practitioner you can dismiss and walk away, there are ethical, financial, moral or other concerns. So how do you cope without having any adverse reaction from or to the client or patient? Or indeed putting yourself or business at risk??

When I taught students, this was often a very personal and in-depth discussion which resulted in strong reactions and calculated responses. You could say great communication! This led me to believe it’s all very personal, how you manage yourself in a professional environment, either learnt or taught behaviour.

My best resource was taught to me many years ago (which I also shared with my students and at seminars) it’s about having Wolf or Giraffe ears!

So the Wolf has short ears at the front of the head poised and taking on every sound (as we take on literally what we are being told and asked to believe)

Whereas the Giraffe is very tall and ears slight set back, therefore trying to hear the environment (what has brought you to that point and what is really behind what you are saying or not saying?)

Maybe not anatomically correct, however the point being as is it always about what you are told or is there more ‘between the lines” very useful when in consultation before a treatment for practitioners and therapists.


Kush Kumar

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