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Hello and Welcome to ThinkTree Hub our online International Professional Association. This is where You matter, whether you’ve joined up as one of our membership categories, had your course approved and accredited as an education provider, looking for resources or just want to explore the world of health and wellbeing in all its wonderful guises, we are here to help!

Over time you will be able to read from me and others about our experiences, knowledge, skills, training and understanding about the various industries. Most important how the blogs can help and support you in your professional or personal life.

I started ThinkTree Hub with an aim to bring people together and share knowledge, from other countries modalities and professionals, but also to create a basic understanding of health, its value and to share.

So please come forward with your ideas too, we are keen to share your blogs on our site (subject to vetting) send them to

Wishing you well
Kush Kumar

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