ThinkTree courses are provided by experts in their field and follow a set process and criteria to be met before they are accepted and added to our find a course.

  • Professionally ThinkTree approved and globally recognised courses (subject to country)
  • Quality Assurance and High Standards, each course meets the ThinkTree criteria process
  • Excellent content delivery from experts in the industry who are vetted through our criteria process and offer CPD certificates with points. These range from practical workshops, and online  courses, which vary in duration, however meet appropriate assessments for the skills and knowledge.
  • Accredited courses set to NVQ levels and which are compliant with insurance criteria.
  • CPD points and certification based on compliance to the CPD policy .
  • Vetted and qualified trainers/providers who are experienced and/or hold certification of the subject they are offering as a course.
  • Webinars and blogs to learn more about the courses and information related to the industry.
  • Discounted rates for members based on their own pricing points.

What are the aims of ThinkTree Hub?

  • To help promote and develop opportunities for success and personal growth through education and support worldwide.
  • To help establish and maintain high professional standards (UK and International).
  • To help training providers establish a reputation for excellence through our Quality Assurance processes
  • To facilitate communication amongst those involved in professional service and practice.
  • To assist our members and institutes to be globally recognised and approved for practice.

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