Here are some of the key priorities asked for by our members

  • Part of the ThinkTree distribution list on the website with access to own profile and editing rights.
  • Special Treatment Licence Exemption
  • Discounted Incentives, Products and Services for you and your business from reputable companies within the industry.
  • Our affiliated E Magazine (Holistic Health)
  • Regular Newsletter with  interesting articles from professionals in the line of Health and Wellbeing
  • Webinar seminars free and discounted for members from experts. Already a successful pilot held 15-16 January 2019 for Blue Monday.
  • Blogs from industry experts to help educate and inform you and your business Welcome Blog
  • Social Media Communities, join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram for updated posts and valuable information.
  • International Professional Recognition, we  have a place  in other countries with representatives in Australia, South Africa, USA, India and Europe.
  • Business and practice support from experts to help you maintain and grow your business
  • Global Industry and innovative research news, read about these in our newsletter,  blogs and e-magazine.
  • Access to approved and discounted courses from our professional training providers (terms and conditions may apply)
  • Professional Recognition

What are the aims of ThinkTree Hub?

  • To help promote and develop opportunities for success and personal growth through education and support worldwide.
  • To help establish and maintain high professional standards (UK and International).
  • To help training providers establish a reputation for excellence through our Quality Assurance processes
  • To facilitate communication amongst those involved in professional service and practice.
  • To assist our members and institutes to be globally recognised and approved for practice.

What does ThinkTree Hub do?

  • Provide professional international recognition for trainers, therapists and wellness practitioners of all kinds
  • Provide a highly competitive all-inclusive tiered membership category
  • Through our partners, offer professional CPD and accredited training courses approval
  • Provide  Centre Approval   
  • Provide resources and a support hub for communities
  • Provide preferential insurance rates (UK only at this stage, worldwide under review)

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