Numerous qualifications in massage, healing and Naturopathy.


Creator & Tutor of Womb & Fertility Massage Course


Womb & Fertility Massage Director


Creator & tutor of Womb & Fertility Massage; a modality that helps to support women either on their journey to conception, to ease menstrual conditions or to reconnect to their bodies and wisdom, whilst supporting the healing of their emotional and physical trauma.


This therapy is for ALL women, regardless of where they are in their life cycle. With over 17 years experience in Natural Health; this therapy has evolved from a blend of many modalities combined to deliver this unique treatment.


About Me


Mother to a beautiful 9-year-old daughter who came to this earth to teach and guide me to a deeper wisdom.

Enjoying a relationship with my soul-mate.


Secret life:

I love to party & dance to 80’s and 90’s music; first on the dance floor, last to leave!

The gym is my secret addiction; training to keep strong, fit and healthy for ME & no-one else!

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