Doctor of Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology practitioner, 2 different types of international Acupuncture licenses ( Dry Needling etc ) Lecturer, Author and numerous other roles.

Founder of QINOpractic Medicine, and QINOsport (where we focus on education and  therapist that want to work with top athletes) . Co-founder with my wife to EQUINOPATI, Emotional QINOpractic and Camp Wellness (where we offer week-long family-oriented camps for kids with ADD, ADHD; Asperger in southern Spain) to mention but a few.


I’ve been working with clients for more than 26 years now and during that time, I’ve developed my own technique and philosophy on how healing works in the body – QINOpractic Medicine.


QINOpractic Medicine is a complementary and alternative health care profession with the purpose of assessing and treating mechanical and/or emotional disorders.

QM is the unique sum and combination of knowledge, wisdom, and philosophy from Eastern Medicines and Chiropractic melded together with modified techniques from Kinesiology, Osteopathy, and different European Soft Tissue and Massage Therapies (among them, Myofascial and Swedish) into a holistic, ‘whole-body’ treatment protocol.

Read more about QM on www.QINOpractic.com

About Me

Married with Cece (Homeopath, co-developer of QM and EQUINOPATI, (where we treat animals), from Sweden, but now living on the Spanish Sun coast. four kids, ranging from 15 to 20, two dogs and a cat. 

 We have our clinic in Fuengirola and when I’m not working with clients, doing courses, writing articles or have seminars/lectures, I love football and all kinds of sports

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