BSc Sport Science
Cert Ed.
Adv Basketball Coach
Pain management specialist NHS.
Bowen Practitioner / Lecturer / Principal of College of Bowen Studies.
AiM Anatomy in motion
P-DTR ( Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex)
Conference Speaker


My career has never been “me” focused, it has always looked outwards to create opportunity and useful activity for people to access therapy across the range of possibility. Uplifting, insightful and effective.

There are centres dotted over the NE of England that act as hubs for good healthcare as a result of working in teams to create inspired opportunity. From physical health care, sport, scanning services and many more. The human body has the capacity to function in an empowered way if given the environment, skills and self-management to do so.
To live and explore, take on adventure with a healthy body and mind has always been the quest.
Working in education, hands on therapy, conferencing and travel has provided exactly the right flow to allow this to happen and this is what I share with you in short courses, webinars and life. Be free to move. Enjoy the journey.

About Me

Life is better on wheels.

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