– Master Diploma in Bio-Energy Therapy (Poland)
– Sports Massage Therapy Level 5 (London School of Massage)
– Healing and Classical Massage (Poland)
– Specialising also in Deep Tissue, Chair Massage, Swedish Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Trigger Point Therapy
– Phlebotomist
– Beauty Therapist (injectable treatments – skin boosters, botulinum toxin, intra-venous vitamin injections)
– Zinzino Business Partner – test-based nutrition specialist.


Marcin Dominiak is a massage therapist, bioenergy healer, teacher, founder of Odnova Therapies and co-founder of Holistic Way Academy. Marcin started his massage journey in 2002 when he had a severe problem with his lower back (disk hernia). As a result, he had issues with walking. The risk of becoming wheel-chaired after the operation was 50%. That was the changing point in Marcin’s life. Together with his family, Marcin started looking for an alternative treatment. That is how he was introduced to massage, which enormously changed his attitude towards complementary therapies. After six months of treatments, Marcin was completely healthy. As a result, he decided to get some education in massage. Because he enjoyed the massage and was doing “more than the treatment itself”, he decided to go “further” – to explore the world of ”energies”.

Marcin commenced his adventure with bio energy healing in 2008 and gradually gained more knowledge in this field. Finally, in 2014 he received the highest qualification, a Master’s Diploma in Bio Energy Therapy. When Marcin came to the UK, he decided to open his private treatment room to deliver complementary therapies. To widen the range of services and help his clients improve their state of health, Marcin was also interested in intracellular nutrition. Therefore, he became a Zinzino Business Partner, the company which offers test-based nutrition for future generations.

Considering the low absorption level of nutrients, Marcin also decided to deliver intravenous vitamin injections. All mentioned above aim to be able to support people on physical, energy and intracellular levels, which makes the whole therapy very effective. Furthermore, energy healing and therapy dealing with chronic inflammation (anti-inflammatory fatty acids) reach the potential disease very early. Later, together with his partner, he decided to open Holistic Way Academy to share their knowledge with people and introduce them to the world of holistic therapies.

About Me

Passionate about sport, motion, open-minded, and always willing to learn something new. Marcin loves combining things, especially in the treatments he delivers; He tries to consider a particular syndrome or case from as many different perspectives as possible. Marcin is keen on travelling, pure loving nature, meditation, meeting new people, visiting new places, and everything that is ”new”. Even the name of his company is ”ODNOVA”; where ”Od” means ”from”, and ”NOVA” means ”new, beginning”. It perfectly describes his approach towards life.

”Carpe Diem” – meaning ”seize the day” – Roman poet – Horace


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