Homoeopathic Doctor and Integrative Health Consultant


Ruth Hull is an integrative health consultant and author who has been working in natural health since 1999 as a therapist, lecturer and writer.


Born and educated in Zimbabwe, Ruth holds a master’s degree in health and homoeopathy as well as qualifications in reflexology, massage and aromatherapy.  Ruth also has a degree in philosophy and literature.


Ruth studied and practiced complementary therapies in London and then worked as a homoeopathic doctor and lecturer in South Africa. She now lives in Australia where she divides her time between writing her books, running an integrative health practice and being a mum.

Contact me on  info@ruthhull.com


Ruth has written two books on anatomy, physiology & pathology and two on reflexology.  She is currently writing a book on chronic fatigue & burnout

About Me

I am fascinated by the human body and, the more I study it, the more I believe we were created to heal ourselves!

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