Paula studied B.A. in Business to degree level and then went on to director level in H.R in business.  This combined with 27 years leading a region in a spiritual community and facilitating meditation, mindfulness and healing groups gave birth to her own business. Her devotional path married with her business acumen birthed SMARTfoundations, The Institute of Mindful Well-being where she is the Director of training.  She has authored If I change so can the world, The Mindful Well-being Coach, The Mindful Happiness Coach and You’ve Got The Power.


A mystic, devotional creative and visionary who leads workshop giving people an experience of their soul.  Paula is an author, speaker and enthusiast teaching the miracale of meditation, compassion and mindfulness to help people discover their innate powers to create well-being in their life.  She founded SMARTfoundations in 2010 and knows greatness starts within.  She is passionate about living a soul led and teaching others the same where the force of love make us all equal and we become the change we wish to see in the world.


About Me

Love nothing better than a good laugh, dancing and home cooked food with friends and family.  Swims in the sea and tries very hard to run when she’s not doing yoga!

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