Jennifer HIll


Currently studying PhD ‘defining the well-being needs of UK festival goers seeking complementary therapies’
MBA, MSc management and leadership
Coaching qualification
Mentoring qualification
Degree in Complementary Medicine and Integrated Practice
HE Diploma in Health and Rehabilitation
Level 3-5 qualifications in touch therapies including clinical aromatherapy, reflexology and massage


Jennifer is a University lecturer in Healthcare and Director of ‘JBH Training’ providing a wide range of holistic, spa and beauty training courses to UK and international students. Over the past 15 years Jennifer has been a passionate advocate of education, therapies and integrating their evidence based practice into mainstream health and social care environments.

She recently came runner up in the Worcestershire ‘entrepreneur of the year’ awards, and is a previous runner up in tutor of the year and holistic therapy school of the year. She supports her students and graduates providing a wide range of work experience and paid therapy experiences with charities, private business, corporate and health insurance companies.

Jennifer is a ‘regular’ in our industry writing magazine articles and speaking at events and conferences to further the causes of therapists, students and the wider complementary healthcare community.

About Me

The most important thing you can do for your client / patient is give them time, space, use silence, actively listen and give them your complete attention.

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