I am a qualified tutor as well as holding my subject area qualifications in Beauty, Nail Technology and Holistic Therapies.


I qualified in 2002 and over the years I’ve studied many different beauty and holistic treatments and nail technology to continue with my professional and personal development.  My training through a Dutch company excelled me to teach and train others in nail technology which is one of my great passions.

I have been self-employed for 12 years and built my business from the ground up, learning and developing expertise in my subject areas.


I have a distinct passion for nail technology and education of this fast-evolving area of the beauty industry.  I offer support and guidance to then raise the standard of education for nail technology. I see one of my USP’s in Foundation Theory and Product Chemistry which is vital for the industry.

My first love was healing and holistic therapies, and I believe any health and wellness practitioner is valuable beyond the therapy they offer. 

We all give our clients support and guidance, even during a basic manicure.  The impact of touch and care in any modality is invaluable to every single person we see matters.

About Me

At 30 is was widowed and life has given me a series of ups and downs with many life lessons.

This has enabled me to connect with many more clients than I can count.  I love my work, its so much more than just a job. 

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