Emma Cook


Holistic Therapy Level 3 diploma
Teacher of Healing power of the mind
Level 3 Education and Training


With sleep now becoming known for not only its resting and resetting qualities but has now also has been scientifically proven to help with health issues AND losing weight, the benefits of a good night sleep are endless! After all, how do you feel after you have had a good night sleep? In our Sleep Well Workshop we cover:

  • Why we need sleep
  • Roles and benefits of sleep
  • How to improve the quality of your sleep
  • How to get the best from your day to improve your night sleep
  • Science backed strategies on improving sleep
  • Science based techniques on waking up
  • How to wake up smarter
  • How to defeat the mid-day ‘lull’

About Me

Emma Cook spent years of not sleeping until she finally said enough is enough and now she has had over a decade of researching why we sleep, the active roles of sleep and how to get better at it. Studying with monks and learning the healing power of the mind she has composed all the data into one Sleep Well Seminar on HOW TO SLEEP SMARTER.

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