Maureen Abson


BSc (Hons) in Business and Psychology
MPhil: Supervisors in the Shipbuilding Industry
PGCE: Post 14 and adult
Dip HE in Contextual & Comparative Theology

Massage Practitioner specialising in Fusion Massage and also qualified and working with Oncology Massage, RomiRomi, NLP, Hot Bamboo work and various other modalities.

Maureen is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, served as a High School governor for 15 years and has a passion for high quality education. She is the author of the text “Healing Massage” published by Lotus Press.


Maureen started her career teaching in men’s high security prisons before moving on to train teachers at Edge Hill University and work as an Additional Inspector for Teacher Training with Ofsted. On leaving the state education sector she spent 18 months working in the homeless sector before then finding her place in holistic and complimentary therapies. She has travelled the world teaching massage and runs Fusion Massage Training providing both initial and CPD training.

About Me

Maureen lives in the North West of England. She is married to Peter, has two daughters, one son in law, one young grandson and a dog. When not working in her busy clinic she is either running training, expanding her own knowledge, spending time with family, in her garden or travelling. She is delighted to be working with ThinkTree with its heart for quality training and development. She was also once arrested and held under armed guard on holiday in the Ukraine, when it was still part of the USSR, for visiting a town on the wrong day.

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